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Masks have turn into, in a matter of a yr, an important factor after we depart the home. Each on the street, as in any closed public place, these safety merchandise are already a part of the each day. In workplaces, public transport, faculties or universities, masks are, along with being necessary, keys to stop the unfold of Covid-19. However its day by day use and in extended durations of time may cause harm to the pores and skin, particularly in areas the place there’s higher compression, producing irritation and pores and skin harm.

These issues might be particularly pronounced in individuals liable to breakouts, those that endure from rosacea or atopic dermatitis, or those that have pores and skin allergic reactions. Subsequently, repairing broken pores and skin and caring for delicate areas when utilizing the masks is important to keep up a wholesome face.

There are at present care routines and particular merchandise to regenerate the areas of the face that endure probably the most after lengthy days with a masks. From sustaining right hand hygiene to performing a deep cleansing, facial care protocols are of nice assist to fight the buildup of micro organism or the shortage of perspiration of the pores and skin.

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“In the identical method that twelve months in the past we needed to adapt our routine to include masks into our lives to be able to handle our well being, now it’s of nice significance to introduce merchandise to the market that shield the pores and skin for his or her use, completely obligatory. Protected Iberia is dedicated to defending individuals and that’s the reason we have now launched our new line of lively cosmetics made in a Spanish laboratory, Masknéritual, which cleans, protects, repairs and hydrates the face and prevents frequent issues reminiscent of eczema or zits breakouts “, explains Eduardo Alonso, CEO of Protected Iberia.

To advertise correct skincare, Protected Iberia has ready an inventory of ideas which are straightforward to implement each day:

1. Cleanse the face twice a day

Earlier than going to sleep and when waking up within the morning, performing a deep cleansing of the face is important to take away gathered dust and put together the pores and skin for the usage of the masks. Merchandise reminiscent of Masknémou, Protected Iberia’s cleaning mousse, present a delicate cleaning, renew the pore and restore its steadiness, regulating the pores and skin’s microbiota. Its lively substances deeply hydrate, calm and hold the pores and skin purified.

2. Moisturize the pores and skin of the face

As soon as a facial cleaning has been carried out, particular moisturizers for the face, reminiscent of Masknécrem, stop irritation and redness of the pores and skin brought on by the friction of the masks. This cremigel manages to steadiness the pores and skin, hydrate it and restore it with an lively protecting barrier that permits it to breathe. As well as, it relieves the feeling of itching, redness and modulates the expansion of undesirable pores and skin microbiota.

Masknéritual to take care of the skin.

Masknéritual to handle the pores and skin.

3. Preserve correct hand hygiene

Together with the usage of a masks, for the reason that starting of the pandemic the significance of sustaining correct hand hygiene has been confused. In an virtually imperceptible method, placing your fingers to your face is a typical gesture and because of this a part of the micro organism and dust gathered within the extremities finally ends up on the face. Subsequently, hydroalcoholic gels or sprays are important each day. It’s handy to make use of these made with merchandise that don’t harm the pores and skin, reminiscent of Handhi, with a selected hydroalcoholic formulation that acts by cleansing in depth with out damaging the dermis.

4. Change the masks based mostly on its working hours

Every kind of masks has a shelf life. After these hours of use, during which it protects, its use turns into dangerous, since not solely does it fully lose its effectiveness, but it surely additionally turns into a supply of micro organism and dust that damages the pores and skin and places well being in danger. . It’s important to switch the masks as soon as the hours of helpful life established by the producer have ended.

5. Use the beneficial masks in keeping with the house

Till now, there was some misinformation relating to which masks to make use of for which event. Surgical masks, that are medical units, are perfect for day-to-day use, each on the road and in closed public areas. However, FFP2 is indicated for skilled use, in conditions the place it’s uncovered to a excessive diploma of exterior pathogens. The FFP2 present a decrease diploma of breathability, which additionally impacts the breathability of the pores, being far more aggressive with the pores and skin of the face. Subsequently, the usage of surgical masks will reduce pores and skin harm in comparison with different forms of non-medical merchandise, reminiscent of FFP2, which trigger extra friction and irritation.

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