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Summer time is the time of 12 months when ft are most uncovered to the solar and to different exterior elements, along with being involved for an extended time with the bottom floor instantly. For that reason, and for the kind of actions typical of the summer season season, it’s important to shed a bit gentle on this topic, exposing a collection of suggestions that can assist shield the pores and skin of our ft, keep away from the looks of blisters, contract infections and forestall the event of potential pathologies.

The podiatrist Carmen Naranjo, an skilled in Podiatric, Biomechanical and Orthopedic Surgical procedure, stresses the significance of “maintain the pores and skin of the foot sufficiently hydrated, whatever the age group to which one belongs or the extent of bodily train that one practices day by day. “Dr. Naranjo makes a classification of three profiles on the podiatric stage to justify why good hydration is important in all instances:

Athletes. Properly hydrated pores and skin will at all times keep away from rubbing / blisters and it’ll, in flip, change into one of the best barrier to bacterial, viral and fungal infections. When there aren’t any cracks, fissures or abrasions on the pores and skin, it’s unattainable for pathogenic microorganisms to “entry” us.

It is very important hydrate your ft nicely.


Outdated folks. Because of the pores and skin weak spot produced by the lack of collagen typical of the passage of time, the upkeep of hydration improves corns and calluses that they might current and the pores and skin flexibility that helps the higher motion of the foot’s joints throughout strolling.

Girls. Most often the ft are subjected to day by day sudden modifications of footwear, the place it goes from a sports activities shoe to a high-heeled shoe. Conserving pores and skin hydrated will assist stop chafing and, on the similar time, stop the looks of calluses or corns attributable to stress to which a high-heeled shoe topics our ft.

The best way to put together your ft for the summer season?

Dr. Naranjo stresses that “it’s obligatory to organize the ft a couple of weeks earlier than placing on our sandals for the primary time, to hold out a transition between very coarse footwear and the cooler ones for the summer season. ”On this means, the foot doesn’t endure a sudden change that may trigger epithelial pathologies.

As well as, “initially, to face the summer season it’s important that the corns and calluses current on the ft are eliminated, both by mechanical means akin to recordsdata and if they don’t act successfully, by visiting a podiatrist in order that consider and deal with every case in a personalised means. “

Why do blisters proliferate extra in summer season?

Environmental circumstances and summer season footwear make blisters extra frequent. This so frequent ailment is nothing greater than a protection mechanism of the pores and skin itself to guard its inside by way of the buildup of fluid. Its look on the ft could also be as a result of numerous elements:

Rubbing or friction. The principle reason behind blisters on the ft is the friction of the pores and skin in opposition to the sneakers, particularly once we go lengthy distances or once we put on new sneakers. This damage can even happen as a result of skin-to-skin friction after which the damage normally seems between the fingers.

Environmental conditions and summer footwear make blisters more frequent.

Environmental circumstances and summer season footwear make blisters extra frequent.


Burns. The solar, chemical compounds, or sizzling liquids may cause blisters.

Athlete’s foot and fungus. Fungi on the ft, as within the pathology of athlete’s foot, can even trigger blisters.

Dr. Naranjo means that “if we’re susceptible to blisters showing on the bony prominences of our ft, we must always cowl that space with a hydrogel dressing to anticipate their look”. “Within the occasion that blisters seem as a result of rubbing of footwear on the naked foot (or on the bony prominences of the ft), the pores and skin ought to by no means be punctured or trimmed Properly, we make it simpler for that space of ​​the pores and skin to get contaminated. You must cowl that blister with a hydrocolloid dressing and look ahead to the pores and skin beneath the dressing to regenerate “

Is the open shoe extra harmful than the closed one?

“If the open shoe or sandal doesn’t present an accurate assist of the foot, it’s extra harmful; the identical occurs with the clog sort. The sort of footwear exposes extra quantity of pores and skin to the surface with better danger of dryness of the identical and extra chance of struggling assaults akin to fissures or small wounds or cracks “.

Then again, Dr. Naranjo says that “the continual and day by day use of sports activities sneakers in summer season favors hyperhidrosis or extreme sweating with the added hazard of the looks of a nasty odor and athlete’s foot”.

What are one of the best materials for summer season footwear?

“All these pure supplies and materials akin to leather-based, suede, cotton or wool are glorious supplies to decide on a shoe. Approaching summer season, the standard espadrilles or espadrilles based mostly on pure esparto fibers is usually a good choice to fight the warmth and keep away from extreme sweating of the foot. And if we select the sandals that these maintain the foot via crossed or vast straps and with a bracelet that holds the ankle “.

We should keep away from the day by day use of the identical sort of footwear, whether or not they’re high-heeled sneakers or sports activities sneakers product of artificial supplies. It’s advisable to vary sneakers day by day in order to not favor the looks of sweating issues and fungal infections.

Salvelox Foot Rescue all in onecream

Salvelox Foot Rescue all in onecream

The skilled podiatrist insistently advises in opposition to “flip flops Brazilian or Hawaiian requires day by day life or for strolling lengthy distances, since they don’t assist the foot nicely when strolling and trigger innumerable issues akin to fasciitis, sprains … “

Dr. Naranjo concludes that “to keep up the pores and skin of the ft with an optimum stage of hydration We should get used to making use of a moisturizer daily. However not simply any physique cream, however a product that has been made for podiatry functions “.

Salvelox Foot Rescue all in onecream is a cream that’s indicated to forestall and successfully deal with calluses, cracked heels, athlete’s foot, dry ft and unhealthy odor, giving seen leads to simply two weeks. It has a fungicidal and a moisturizing motion. It’s advisable to make use of it as soon as a day or each two days.

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