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The social community has dictated and proclaimed it because the hottest beauty retouch. Regardless of exhibiting off hidden beneath the masks, the general public seeks to get some lips with extra quantity, lips which have an “upturned” impact with out selling the dreaded or undesirable “duck mouth” impact, as a result of swelling of the realm. Till now, getting that impact immediately was an nearly inconceivable process, because the irritation of the higher half was a greater than probably facet impact, however, now, the new mixture from hyaluronic acid makes it attainable in a easy means. That is how the physician explains it Odalys Torres, MaiLi ambassador, who explains the whole lot there’s in regards to the Curvy Lips.

From the Habanalips clinic, he explains in regards to the eye of this aesthetic retouch: “No affected person desires to have a” duck mouth “, however the threat was excessive when it got here to projecting the quantity within the higher lip space or outlining it,” he begins by explaining. The explanation for this swelling lay within the acid that subtle, after its utility, outdoors the injection web site. Nevertheless, with the brand new variant, this doesn’t occur.

‘Curvy lips’: how one can put on lips with quantity, upturned and pure


How is the method

The physician explains that, in her case, she chooses to make use of all the time the needle earlier than the cannula. It is because, based on the knowledgeable, “permits to present extra precision” and obtain a greater outcome. He additionally works within the plano submucoso, just under the pores and skin, however “with out making the needle clear”, clarifies Dr. Torres.

This combination of hyaluronic acid, referred to as MaiLi, makes it very simple, “due to its elasticity and its type of expression, which could be very gentle, it means that you can inject the product constantly and with out having to exert strain with the needle, so the result’s way more pure. As well as It must be famous that it shortly adapts to the pure curvature of the lip with out feeling or seeing a filling “.

Extra alternate options

Regardless of the recognition of the aesthetic method, many individuals are reluctant to endure a majority of these touch-ups, however wish to exhibit some lips with extra quantity.

If you want to increase the volume of your lips temporarily with these products.

If you wish to improve the quantity of your lips briefly with these merchandise.

Volumax, Martiderm

On this case, the Redefinition (10,70 euros) from Volumax, a product that defines and descriptions the contour of the lips and in addition promotes a slight lip augmentation, whereas slowing down the indicators of growing old within the space. Or, you can even go for the lip balm within the stick that plumps, plumps and redefines the lips of Martiderm (11,96 euros).

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