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Physique flaccidity, together with cellulite and stretch marks, are a number of the aesthetic issues that concern probably the most, particularly when summer season arrives and it is time to put in your swimsuit. We’re already immersed within the remaining stretch to start out the summer season season, however there’s nonetheless time to start out a motion plan and thus mitigate its presence within the completely different elements of our physique. Though there are not any miracle options and it’s It’s advisable to observe wholesome routines all year long, you may observe a collection of steps for excellent physique care and make these manifestations of the pores and skin much less seen.

“In latest months it has turn out to be much more essential eat a balanced weight loss program and keep hydratedbecause it improves the feel of the pores and skin and helps the physique to launch extra fluid and toxins. Sleep properly, do not smoke, train, in addition to the appliance of physique merchandise will assist scale back the looks of cellulite, stretch marks and flaccidity “explains Dr. Gabriel Serrano, dermatologist and founding father of Sesderma.

Cellulite corresponds to an accumulation of adipose tissue in sure areas that kind fats nodules. “85% of Spanish ladies have cellulite and it’s a fable that skinny individuals wouldn’t have. Probably the most frequent areas of look are legs, stomach and arms. If we need to struggle cellulite there are components that we should keep away from sedentary way of life, stress, tight clothes, using heels, or lack of normal train. As well as, an efficient beauty therapy that facilitates the drainage, restructuring and firming of the tissue, will assist fight it on the completely different ranges at which it happens “, says Dr. Gabriel Serrano.

Physique lotions will assist scale back these issues.


Alternatively, stretch marks are fashioned by a breakdown of collagen that’s seen on the floor of the pores and skin. In response to Dr. Serrano: “To deal with them efficiently, it’s essential to make the most of their look. As it’s a lesion intently linked to the elasticity of the pores and skin and its capability for rigidity, there are danger components that may trigger its look. The best is to nourish and hydrate the pores and skin with cosmetics and the fitting weight loss program. The ritual must be carried out morning and evening, making use of a cream on important areas with a mild round therapeutic massage, which stimulates collagen synthesis.

Lastly, sagging is the lack of tone and firmness of the pores and skin and muscle tissue. “This loss is brought on by a lower in two proteins which are accountable for offering elasticity to the pores and skin: elastin and collagen. The indicators of sagging is one thing typical of age, subsequently, mature pores and skin is extra prone to present it. Nevertheless, components resembling sudden weight reduction can advance its look in younger individuals. Lotions with energetic components primarily based on collagen will assist to provide the pores and skin firmness, smoothness and hydration, offering a younger look “, says the Physician.

To reinforce the results of physique lotions that deal with cellulite, stretch marks and flaccidity, a every day routine and apply the product twice a day emphasizing the affected areas, with the assistance of a round therapeutic massage from the underside as much as facilitate the absorption of the cream and enhance its look.

Motion plan for the summer season

CELULEX Anti-cellulite Gel

Because of the motion of its energetic components, it provides the pores and skin a mushy and versatile look, growing elasticity and decreasing orange peel pores and skin. It really works at completely different ranges in order that it drains extra pores and skin fluids, reactivates microcirculation and smoothes and tones the pores and skin.

With energetic components resembling ivy (Hedera helix), inexperienced tea or gotu kola, which struggle the indicators of cellulite (nodules, orange peel and fluid retention).

ESTRYSES Stretch Mark Lotion

So as to forestall and scale back stretch marks, this anti-stretch mark lotion incorporates energetic components with exfoliating, repairing and regenerating properties, which reactivate the functioning of the pores and skin, stimulating the synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans, offering intense hydration. All this interprets right into a extra elastic, hydrated and resistant pores and skin.

SESNATURA Firming Breast and Physique Cream

It provides the pores and skin firmness, smoothness and hydration, giving it a younger look. It incorporates energetic components resembling DMAE and lactic acid, with exfoliating, repairing and firming properties, which stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and assist to get better the pores and skin.

Indicated for physique flaccidity and lack of pores and skin tone. Apply to areas of the physique susceptible to physique flaccidity; arms, stomach, buttocks, thighs, legs. Prevention and therapy of flaccidity as a consequence of weight reduction, being pregnant, lack of train or getting old.

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